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Share Our Style Foundation

We would like for Men to take their seeds to cultivate natural habitat this year - so men will begin to recognize how being more connected to their family of procreation ultimately leads to great & grand fatherhood.  Our mission at Share Our Style is to disrupt the normalcy of singularly led households.  Join us in celebrating children and every male hero more on this day, get excited about grand & great fatherhood which creates family trees that eternally bloom. 


Helping Men of Faith

The benefit of bringing in community supporters allows our reach to be boundless.  Men in the San Gabriel Valley have chosen to give back in the form of information sharing our partnership with Alpha Phi Alpha, will work together with NPDwD in the community. Studio City Film Festival have shown dedication in offering to allow us to be named a sponsor of the annual cinematic forum.


The Complex at San Gabriel

The site is host to our play day in California. Use of arcade space of the sponsor is a wonderful partnership, employers in the complex are working together to unite family. Use of the arcade space to share family time with other team members creates community.

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Our Goals

Demonstrate Ways Every Dad Helps

Post great Dad play activities to social media. Share why National Play Day with Dad is important to you and how you are supporting it with your friends, family & workplace.

Need some hashtags? #PlayDayWithDad      #ReadyMadeFamily

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Voice App for Smart Speaker



Think of this . . . a picture is worth a thousand words. Many of us have never taken pictures with our fathers. Our app allow users to capture memories. We are urging our supporters to be intentional about capture the moment through the play day.

Tell a Dad

Take the Pledge


Start a chapter of Play Day With Dad in your community to share the goal to be better as father's. Build up neighborhood men, be a demonstration of how fantastic it is to be important & relevant to their seed. Be sure the goodness of our fatherhood cause is amplified daily. Pledge to seek 11.25 regularly and contribute time to your children every opportunity that you have. 

Plan Event in Community

Community Contribution

Host your own community event. Ask your workplace to enlist the workforce of men that have fathered and contributed to society to give a day to the community through safe child centric activities.

Upcoming Events

  • Play Day With Dad
    Play Day With Dad
    Wed, Nov 25
    IG Live & ReadyMade.Family
    Nov 25, 2020, 10:00 AM
    IG Live & ReadyMade.Family
    Nov 25, 2020, 10:00 AM
    IG Live & ReadyMade.Family
    The only thing it takes to produce a Play Day With Dad ~ is you. Find out what is most interesting to your creations and manifest it. Sky high will be the bond between you & your offspring. Join us,
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